The Playbook Story

Playbook is about bringing people together. We're a community of college students (and some recent grads) around the world who want to get offline and hang out in person.

Originally built in a dorm room as a single Excel spreadsheet four years ago, Playbook today is a community of students from over 220 universities using the platform in over 125 countries.

We made Playbook in hopes of creating a community where it’s okay to reach out, meet new people, and assume best intentions with new friends while also keeping in touch with old ones. Playbook’s like that great Tom Hanks line, a 'Box of Chocolates.' You can use Playbook to find friends and roommates, go to concerts, backpack across Europe, or reconnect with old pals right at home. We love it that way.

You can think of Playbook as a lively neighborhood barbecue, where you show up in an old sweater and see both new and familiar faces. You play some frisbee, help prepare the food, enjoy good conversation, and leave having made some new friends. We built Playbook to enable these special moments that just can’t happen on a screen.

We hope that you love the Playbook experience, and that you help us make it even better. Have fun, don’t be mean, and come hang out with us if you’re ever in California. 

The Playbook team